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Ready to Scale Your Business and reach 10K+ Months?

Ready to Scale Your Business and reach 10K+ Months?

Ready to Scale Your Business and reach 10K+ Months?Ready to Scale Your Business and reach 10K+ Months?

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Hi, I'm Debbi Starr Dybevik, a biz strategist, coach, online creator, and tech tamer.

I remember what it was like trying to learn how to implement all the tech pieces in my business and in the corporate world. I know first-hand how chaotic it was trying to keep so many balls in the air and feeling so overwhelmed with trying to get my online business up and running.

I had felt so frustrated when I was trying to implement new business tools without someone to guide me. I have a strong IT background, and still felt like I would never get all the tech pieces lined up.  I recognized that the real key for a sustainable business was to develop a foundation that would create systems and automations so that my business could run on autopilot. 

I have been an entrepreneur since I was eight years old, selling products in my neighborhood, and even achieving the honor of "Highest Sales of Girl Scout Cookies" in my troop.  After entering the corporate world, back in the early computer ‘stone age’, I recognized that computers were the future for the successful business owner. I latched onto learning everything I could about  computer technology and grew into a position of IT Business Analyst and Project Manager where I taught and implemented new computer and business technologies at a Fortune 500 company. 

As I worked in the technology world, I became skilled at developing systems that streamlined the work, and created efficiencies that saved hours. I developed a knack for understanding technical information and being able to condense it into bite-sized, usable chunks for the end-user or entrepreneur to absorb and apply in their business.

I have always loved teaching, and transitioned into teaching at the University level as a professor. My experience in business, IT, and entrepreneurship provides the perfect backdrop for teaching and sharing my  knowledge with my clients and students.

My passion for helping women entrepreneurs grow their business, and implement all the technical pieces in their business has led me to this venture where I can help empower the woman entrepreneur to reach their dreams by creating a life-style online business.

I provide coaching and consulting, online courses, and done-for-you services to the entrepreneur that is ready to build a business that is sustainable and scalable. 

I help get your business streamlined, automated, and cut through the clutter by helping you create a foundation and systems to run your business. My programs help you identify specific business processes that can be automated, and create systems, so you can focus on being the CEO of your business. Once you get your business foundation in place and implemented, you will be able to easily bring on a team or VA and scale your business to the next level.  

Starr Systems & Consulting provides individual and group coaching, online courses, and customized done-for-you services.  Reach out for a free consultation so we can discuss the best way to get your business to the next level.  



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