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I help you launch or grow your online business / course, and build an evergreen ecosystem for year-round sales on autopilot. Together we build the foundations for your online business that really works, so you can live the life you love.



up to $500 based on level of service

Funnel Planning

Lead Generation Strategies

Product Ladder Development

Online Course Development

Service 1 - Business Intensive

We start with a 90-minute intensive session where I analyze your current business model. I will then develop a custom business plan to strategically design your marketing funnel to attract your ideal leads and clients. I will make recommendations on which funnel to use based on your business goals, and then create a customized project plan to implement those systems.

I will help you design your ideal Product Ladder so that you can build out a complete suite of offers to serve your clients. You will have a definitive plan on how to leverage the different offers for maximum profitability, and how to increase the lifetime customer value of your clients.

Within the completed business plan I will share the DFY services that I offer, and you will also have a detailed plan if you decide to implement the steps yourself.



8 week group coaching program

Note: price will go up the next session

Product Ladder & Offer Creation

Funnel Building

Lead Generation & Nurturing Campaigns

Digital Assets Creations

Technical Training & Support

Accountability & Community

Service 2 - Business Accelerator

Instead of drowning in all those online courses, let's get your business funnels and programs built. In this 8-week group coaching program you will be guided through the entire process of defining your product, building your funnel, creating your nurturing campaign, and setting up your automations for your evergreen cash machine.

During our 8 weeks together, you will decide, design, develop and be ready to actually launch your business or course. You will follow a project plan with specific deliverables required each week to ensure that you are hitting your milestones.

You have access to 2 LIVE training and Q&A sessions per week, which will be recorded for reference. You'll have my individual assistance to help you with those tech issues, or an extra set of eyes. You'll have a small community of like-minded accelerators to share ideas and collaborate.

This program is called Business Accelerator Mastermind for a reason -- you will be working on the fast-track, and will be required to work. But at the end of the 8 weeks you will have built your product and ready to launch.



Online self-paced course

3-Step Biz Builder

Sizzling Sale Page Secrets

ATM Money Magic

Top Shelf Onboarding for Raving Fans

Automations for Autopilot

Service 3 - Online Biz Launchpad

This is a self-paced online course that will take you from start to finish of building your online business or course. You will learn how the secret of building the perfect 3-step framework to draw in your perfect tribe of clients. Discover how you can generate leads, create clients, make money and save time when you implement the one-&-done strategy. You'll choose the best framework and learn how to implement the simple 3-step sales conversion formula.

Learn how to create your Sizzling Sales pages with the 5-STARR method, and discover the power of templates. You'll build your ATM Money Machine and unlock the power of email sequences and nurturing so your leads become raving fans, all without being slimy or pushy.

Once you get those clients, you'll unleash the power of creating a WOW experience so that they become your raving fans. And then build your ongoing revenue stream by creating your evergreen course model so you can literally make money while you sleep. Keep your students engaged when you build your course with the 1-2-3 Formula.

And finally wrap everything up, put a bow on it, and turn this into an automatic machine that you can just 'rinse & repeat' for new products.

mod 1 - Identify Your 3-part framework

mod 2 - create your sizzling sales pages

mod 3 - build your atm money machine

mod 4 - curate top-shelf experience

mod 5 - create recurring revenue

Ingrid Irwin

II K9 Course creator

I now have my course created and ready to launch!

I had spent months of confusion and frustration about creating my online course. After signing up to work with Debbi I now have my course created and ready to launch. She delivers such amazing value and is so invested in you and your creation. She is with you every step of the way.